Envi offers the NethVoice system

NethVoice is a new open telephone solution integrated with the entire corporate information system, capable of offering advanced communication and collaboration services: data, voice and video.

NethVoice concentrates the features of the traditional switchboard (PBX) with the most innovative features of advanced telephone systems in a single solution, adaptable to various business needs.

NethVoice is available through a wide range of methods, designed to meet any need in any context:
· NethBox: HW Appliance suitable for various targets in terms of performance and scalability
· CloudBox: SaaS version distributed directly from the Cloud Nethesis
· Cloud IaaS: via VPS on any Cloud you choose
· Neth-Server Linux distribution: ISO can be installed on any physical or virtual server

Much more than a simple Voip switchboard

Creating And Configuring Users And Devices

NethVoice analyzes your network and detects all the IP telephone devices of the most popular brands (Cisco, Yealink, Snom, Sangoma, Akuvox, Grandstream …). With a simple wizard, the phone and the user will be automatically configured and profiled.

App Scan&Play

Simplify autodiscovery and provisioning on distributed realities or with NethVoice in the Cloud; With the Scan & Play app, configure the phone in 2 simple steps:
· Scan the phone’s barcode (even if still packaged)
· Internal and user assignment

Provider And Gateway Configuration Wizard

NethVoice is able to configure the system in the best way, both in the presence of traditional lines and of VoIP providers:
· Autodiscovery and Provisioning on gateways (Sangoma, Patton, Mediatrix …)
· Predefined and certified configurations for the most common VoIP Providers

Visual DialPlan

Organizes the call flow in a natural way. A few clicks, drag & drop … And your switchboard is ready! The Visual DialPlan is fundamental in simplifying and speeding up the realization of more or less complex systems, but above all in the management of subsequent modifications and maintenance.

Smart Communication

NethVoice can access any database and show the user real-time information about the caller: from simple personal data (centralized address books) to complex information (eg unpaid, negotiations, orders, purchases …). NethVoice uses this information to dynamically route the call. This function overcomes the traditional IVR in which the caller chooses with whom to speak, by pressing buttons; here is the system that, after recognizing the caller, decides to whom to forward the call based on more or less articulated rules.


NethCTI is a multi-platform client that fully realizes the strong integration between user, switchboard and information system, displaying the information automatically taken from the various company DBs (accounting situation, negotiations, purchases, tickets …) and presenting them on popups based on the user profile (administrative ,
technical, commercial …). The many functions of collaboration and communication make it an indispensable tool for users in daily operations.

Presence Panel

Allows full viewing and real-time interaction with all extensions, queues, parking lots and outside lines. With the simple use of the mouse it is therefore possible to interact with the calls (based on the permissions received): call, divert, transfer, park, record, intrude, listen.

Phone Call Management: Mobile Extension, Forwarding, Voicemail, Registration ...

A series of quick-access keys allows you to interact with the calls in progress, activating and routing calls as needed.

Address Book: Centralized, Personal, Shared, Short Numbers And Company DBs

Each contact displayed on the screen will provide a series of functions based on the data found: call, send text messages, send faxes, display on maps …

Notes And Post-It

Of great use is the possibility of taking notes, private, shared or assigned to other colleagues (eg you looked for a guy … call him back as soon as you can …) that will be displayed on the personal bulletin board. The booking option will also ensure that in the notification of the call everyone sees any post-it or who has an
ongoing problem with the caller. Each action can also be notified via email / sms (eg when the user does not have the CTI panel open).

Softphone And WebRTC Technology

The CTI integrates a softphone with WebRTC technology; this innovative protocol makes it possible to expand operations by improving mobility, offering the possibility of use in the cloud and simplifying company telephone management. WebRTC also supports video mode which will soon be enabled to integrate
video calls.

Integrated Communication: Call, Chat, SMS, Post-IT

At any time the user has direct access to the numerous communication possibilities, seeing in real time the status of their colleagues (free / busy, DND, in chat, out of office …)

Mobile App

“Mobility” is now the watchword when it comes to unified communication. Nethesis has developed a modern and functional app using the most innovative technologies such as the WebRTC, to make CTI always available, even on the move, on smartphones and tablets.

Telephone Secretary And Time Management

All incoming numbers in NethVoice can be managed independently by the various users (for the personal pass-through selection) or by the secretary (for the management of generic numbers). The CTI Out of Hours module allows you to set different behaviors from the preset ones to manage unplanned closures, bridges, holidays, or simply to activate the answering machine in a free way

Video Door Phones And IP Cameras

It is possible to view video streams from different sources, added through the NethVoice configuration module. For example video intercoms or IP cameras, which display the image of who is ringing the bell in the call notification popup.

Operator Panel

In situations with an intense flow of incoming calls, a fast and dynamic sorting system is required, which gives the operator instant and clear information on the caller and the status of the user to whom the call must be transferred. The Operator Panel meets this need thanks to a careful ergonomic study, an all-in-one display and the use of dynamic and intuitive transfer techniques, such as
“tap” and “drag & drop”. As for the telephone call, the operator can use the integrated WebRTC telephone or any
external voip physical device .

Voicemail Management

Each user has the ability to customize their voicemail and manage their messages.

Call Center Management

Central to the management and care of customers is the welcome they receive when they contact us by telephone; the NethVoice call center module, suitable for both small businesses and large call centers, allows to measure and evaluate the quality of the telephone service provided in real time, giving important information for an adequate sizing of resources.

Supervisore Realtime

It is the tool dedicated to the call center administrator who can monitor the status of queues and operators, daily statistics and the realtime monitor, as well as interact with the management of operators (login / pauses) or intrude on conversations for training or quality activities assurance.

Call Management Not processed

In the telephone bar the calls are always highlighted. In this way the operator can at any time verify the customers who have not been managed and contact them proactively.

Telephone Bar

It is the interface of the operator of the Call Center with which the daily activities of login / logout / pause are performed, in addition to displaying (if equipped with appropriate permissions) the realtime monitor of the queues: calls in progress, on hold and connected operators. The phone bar works by driving your own integrated WebRTC softphone or any other external physical voip phone.


NethVoice is endowed with a rich report that goes from the simple register of personal and company calls (Receipts / Revenue / Lost / SMS …) up to a punctual statistical analysis related to telephone charges (calls made) and to the call center (received calls).