– Customized mailbox (name@yourdomain.com).
– Standard mailbox with 2GB of customizable space.
– Access via mail client or webmail through broswer.
– Synchronization on all user’s devices.
– Antivirus and Antispam to protect mailbox from infected and undesired messages.
– Free support.


PEC - Certified Email (ITALY ONLY)

Certified Email (PEC) is the digital solution to send legal value documents with dispatch and delivery guarantee to the consignee, replacing the tradizional registered mail with return receipt or fax.

PEC aims to whom have the needs to send messages safely from their own pc.

The use of PEC is convenient not only to ordinary people, which, thanks to PEC, can avoid post office’s queue and expense for the dispatch of registered mail, but also to companies because PEC allows to ease relationships with clients and suppliers by replacing fax and registered mail in official reports.

More info (ITALIAN)

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