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Specifics EnviGest ERP management software

System specification

Windows 7/8/10 64 bit
Recommended RAM 4 Gb

windows 7
windows vista

EnviGest in detail

EnviGest is built in Microsoft VISUAL STUDIO.NET for Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10 64 bit.
In the design of the basic procedure has paid particular attention to the uniformity of the user interface (the function keys used are the same for all programs, the screens are presented with the same colors and the same way, generic controls in the event of interruption are carried out with the same criteria, etc.) to ensure that the operator is able to use the procedure after an extremely small period of training.

Required specification for Management Software EnviGest:

– PC Windows 7/8/10 64 bit – RAM 4Gb.
– Apple iMac with Windows installed (native or emulated).
– PC with lower specification can be used as terminals (with server terminal).
– Domain Server (optional) Windows 2012 or higher.
– A4 Printer.
– Internet connection for updates / support.

From the software analyst point of view prove to be of particular interest are the following:

– Access through profile / user / password.
multi-company structure.

Information security requires that access to particular functions to be limited. Therefore, when activating the menu, you dial User, Password and Company on which they will operate.
Proposal is the latest company in which it has operated from the terminal and the operator has the opportunity to confirm it, or to indicate another company within the provisions.
Join to different companies allows to operate with completely separate databases for each of them.

Operation control

Critical operations on the database denies temporarily the access to the record (or the table or the logic module) to prevent other terminals can access them simultaneously (these operations are studied to last the shortest time possible).
Denials of this type in interactive software inform the operator that the waiting is due to the work being done on another terminal (saying also which one), this way giving the choice between waiting for the lock to deactivate by its self or a temporary abandonment.

Customized list construction

For all database table it is possible to visualize any field and build personalized list and report on screen or to print.
This is a module easy to understand that the operators will learn to exploit to search and extract from the archives only data with special characteristics which the normal programs are not able to predict priorThe manager of the lists work in real time on the data in the database.


Uniform input masks, to move quickly back and forth over the fields on a page or on those of more pages.
Immediate control, editing and decoding; formal validity check for dates, including leap years; numeric fields of variable size, with the ability to globally define the number of acceptable integers and decimals without intervening on the program; algebraic calculator that can return the result of an expression in the field (numeric) input.

Operative help

Retrievable online from the menu with the function key [F1], with the possibility to search for words or phrases scattered everywhere in the text.
The help is not limited to a mere list of programs, but they try to describe in detail the entire environment in which the user has to operate, including a description of the purpose and use of the program, its options in detail commented, video masks that appear, and an example in the case of the printing program.

Printer management

Located anywhere along the network (attached to the server, reserved for the workstation, attached to the workstation but accessible by other users, etc.).
All prints produced from the preview process have the option to examine the print before sending it to the printer.
It can coexist on the network of any type and brand of printer that uses sheets of A4 size.
Prints are made with Crystal Reports; the experienced user in possession of the instrument has the opportunity to change the appearance and / or content.

Support and Update

Thanks to our support and online updates, you will never feel left yourself with a program that you can not use, or that does not work, or who do not adapt to technological modernity in which to operate: the technical support is available to solve problems and possible technical and accounting information.