EnviGest: The management software for plant engineering

The most modern and comprehensive management software for companies operating in the plant engineering sector.

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Simple and effective estimates

Estimates and offers in a simple and effective way thanks to the simplicity of EnviGest modules.

Interventions management

The entire interventions management and calendar directly on your Smart-Phone.

Site management

A proper management of the job is the starting point for every installer.

Management Software for Plant Engineers

EnviGest, the management software for installers is the solution for small, medium and large businesses, operating in the installation of electrical installations.

Everything has been designed and developed to solve a variety of problems often very similar to each other: difficulty in finding and managing information on the material prices, in compiling the estimates, in the maturities of payments management, order management and not least the construction site.

Think of this as many difficulties which can ultimately lead to two results, which are closely linked:

– Waste of time
– Waste of money

With EnviGest it becomes easy to properly monitor costs and revenues, the situation of payments, the cash flows.

Limit the most of "Committing Errors"

Improves business management with a very effective solution as adopt a management software for plant engineers, simple, intuitive, yet extremely comprehensive and powerful.

We suggest EnviGest vertical form to plant engineers, specifically designed for small, medium and large companies. An inexpensive and simple to use software.
For every you need you can also avail yourself of EnviGest App, the app to interact directly from your Smart-Phone, ideal for the management directly on site.

EnviGest is not only this …

The numerous available modules allow you to make EnviGest the management software which revolves around the whole company, from the drafting of budgets, through the purchase of materials, inventory management and the yard, the issue of invoices and the related payment deadlines management.

Mobile functions for plant engineering.

the system allows you to collect data of employees who move on construction sites to carry out the work.
The operations can be performed with any device that has internet access (laptop, tablet, smartphone, but also any hotel pc / home, if on site is not available an internet connection).

All data is integrated into the customer’s information management system, without double archives.
Operators in the headquarters have immediate access to the data collected by staff outside the office.

EnviGest APP - Interventions from the site directly from your smartphone

The program lets you interact with EnviGest, via the Internet from any browser or dedicated app and mobile device that has Internet access (notebooks, tablets, smartphones, but also any pc in a hotel / home, if on site is not available the connection ), collecting data of employees moving on construction sites to carry out the work.

All data are integrated into the management EnviGest, without double archives.
Operators in the headquarters have immediate access to the data collected by staff outside the office.

Available functions:

– AGENDA: displays predefined commitments in EnviGest. The foreman can manage personnel commitments, even for default teams, as well as individual employees can manage their commitments.

– REPORTS: you can draw the confirmation report of intervention indicating the contract, the delivery notes of material supply, the materials used, the hours of work (expressed in cents).
The confirmation report can be made to sign the customer (on touch screen device with as tablets / smartphones); you can attach photos to document of the work done or to accidents or hazards.
The team leader can insert a single confirmation report that also includes the times of all the people in the team itself as well by centralizing data collection.
The confirmation report can be matched to an order or not.
The confirmation report can be sent immediately by email to the customer.
The reports are also available in the management EnviGest to be billed, even with Electronic Invoice P.A ..
The procedure will automatically send (at a preset time) an e-mail to every operator (who has e-mail address) in the same bringing the total and the details of the hours specified in reports the previous day.

EXPENSES NOTES: inclusion of the costs, with the possibility to attach photos (receipts, receipts, etc.). credit card balance management to know the amount sustainable spending.

– POST IT: ability to insert notes which are then managed by the staff in the central office.



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