Some EnviGest features

  • Chart of Accounts (up to 6 levels, with the possibility of code modification)
  • Personal Customers / Suppliers / Articles (with association of technical images / files)
  • Products descriptions in language (unlimited)
  • Unlimited lists of standard or custom sale, with discounts to 3 levels. Automatic sales price calculation
  • Purchase lists (2 online, historical unlimited)
  • Articles imported from Excel spreadsheet
  • Import suppliers Purchase Price List from Excel spreadsheet
  • External encoding product management ( c/o or suppliers and c/o customers)
  • Multi-warehouse storage medium enhancement / LIFO / FIFO, Lots management, inventory with automatic adjustments, inventory statistics, account viewing / work (receivable/payable cycle)
  • Receipt Management for over the counter sales (even on cash registers RCH / MCT)
  • Document workflow: quotes / orders / delivery notes / bills of sale, historical queries to customer / product, electronic invoicing
  • Purchase Orders / Production, historical queries by supplier / product
  • Bill of Materials
  • Requirements analysis
  • Automatic reorders to supplier needs / safety stock
  • Order management
  • Sizes / Color management
  • Machining cycles with timing detection / storage
  • Multi-currency accounting, General / Customers / Suppliers / VAT, with causal configurable, closures / reopening automatic, batch management customers / suppliers, ability to scan / store / view suppliers documents, cost centers
  • Non-accounting movements for projections or simulations
  • Time spreading cost management
  • Fixed assets
  • Agents Commissions on grossed / Royalties / Enasarco and Firr
  • Electronic file creation for letter of intent and income tax statement
  • Treasury (cash flows, management accounts)
  • Ri.Ba / SSD / electronic SEPA Credit Transfer (with accounting records)
  • Intrastat / Black-list / multipurpose Statement
  • E-commerce management with updated product catalog and import orders and master data
  • Statistics (customers sales, production awards, products sales, comparison between years, margin on sales, budget agents, sales summary by categories, etc.).
  • Mailing management customers / suppliers
  • Print previews, with export in PDF format, Word, Excel
  • Automatic / Manual sending of all the prints by email
  • Storing user preferences in the form
  • Online Support
  • Modules for Garages, PLANT ENGINEERS (operators teams outside through mobile devices) , FUNERAL HOME , Furriers (production and shop), flues production , glues manufacturing, mannequins production, mechanical production, ballrooms, carriers, cargo services.

Two words about the Management ERP Software for businesses

The management software EnviGest is shaped perfectly to the needs of small, medium and large enterprises by automating business processes.

It is a flexible product, it works either on a single PC and on networks with tens of jobs, provides a simple interface to help people focus on their work, enables direct and easy access to all information and exports smoothly all data to the Microsoft Office applications, including contacts (customers / suppliers) in Outlook.
It provides security features for selective access to the various features of the application, it can be updated with a few clicks from the internet and comes with features for remote support.

From a technical standpoint, EnviGest is developed for the Windows environment with Microsoft Visual Studio, and uses Microsoft SQL Server for data management (even in the free version “Express”), offering excellent performance in terms of both speed and safety and data integrity.

EnviGest is a multi-company product, then the same installation can operate on an indefinite number of companies.

It is an “open” product, all tables (causal accounting, inventory, taxes, payments, etc.) are completely user-definable, there are no encodings taxes. You can import suppliers articles from an Excel spreadsheet.

All prints are shown in the preview, exported in popular formats (Word, Excel, PDF) and can also be sent immediately as an attachment in an e-mail message.

You can manage the “mailing list”, for promotional campaigns or mass communications.

EnviGest is constantly updated both as regards the new regulations (for example PA electronic invoice, payments “split payment”) and for the many new features which are introduced at the specific request of a user and made available to all.

A modular package

Buy now the essential modules, add new features tomorrow without any problems, boring conversions or data already present accommodations.


Optimized storage

EnviGest offers solutions for storing documents with a direct interface to Arxivar ©

Despite the progress of information technology in recent years, in fact, the result of any business management involves the production of documents. Today, thanks to the storage of documents, you can manage all types of documents in a more efficient and effective:

administrative (invoices, statements, records, budgets …)
commercial (offers, contracts, orders, price lists …)
Technical (designs, projects …)
traditional mail, email, fax and more.

All proposed solutions allow you to store (scan), archive (catalog), protocol, store and search for any type of document.