IT secutiry

Data must be protected from all dangers, internal and external.
It’s necessary to make periodic backup copies, to have anti-virus software and use precautions to avoid undesired access from both internal personnel and attack from the internet.
Information privacy is a fundamental aspect to respect today’s privacy laws (for more info and the preservation of the company’s know-how.
We can help you from basics tricks like setting up a password for every pc to the configuration of more complex firewall.

We offer consultation for IT security at your headquarters for an analysis of the current situation and offer some expedient to level up your security.

Tailor-made solution

To satisfy every specific need in matter of security we offer many different solutions.

NethSecurity has all the functions of the UTM firewall:
· Antivirus / Antispam on e-mail
·· Content Filter, Antivirus, Antimalware
·· IDS / IPS
·· IPSec VPN, Openvpn, L2TP
·· Filters on applications and geolocated


NethSecurity evolves from a simple UTM firewall to a security process coordinator: Content Filtering, AntiVirus, AntiSpam, AntiMalware, Monitoring, IDS / IPS, Deep Packet Inspection, Application Filters (L7), VPN, … all fundamental elements that NethSecurity integrates and manages in a simple and organic way.


It is possible to establish encrypted connections to connect remote sites (VPN or Net2Net) and remote hosts (VPN Host2Net). The different protocols supported (l2tp, OpenVPN, IPsec) ensure interoperability with any client PC (Linux, Windows, Mac), with smartphones / tablets (Android and iOS) and with third-party network devices.

Email Scanning: Anti-Spam Antivirus And Attachment Blocking

All the emails that pass through the firewall are subjected to a careful filter that checks for the presence of threats or dangerous contents (Virus, Spam, Phishing, Malware …). The antispam reaches very high rates of spam recognition thanks to the use of three types of analysis: heuristic rules, statistics (Bayesian) and external blacklists. Email scanning can also be activated in proxy mode, to protect emails directed to an internal mail server.

Web Browsing: Antivirus / Antispam / Blocking Attachments

The regulation of navigation is essential to increase security and prevent improper use of the network: loss of time, reputation problems, viruses, malware, spyware …
NethSecurity responds with the Cloud Content Filter: catalogs the sites visited based on the category they belong to and defines navigation profiles according to various criteria: site typology, work group, timetables, weekly calendar … The categorization of the sites is carried out thanks to the integration of the Cloud service Flashstart by Collini Consulting, which guarantees:
·· blacklists optimized for the Italian market , thanks to
semantic analysis tools based on national patterns
·· native filter on Google and Bing searches: for filters on images and videos
·· filter by geographical area, particularly useful against the increasing threats of Ransomware. It is essential to block traffic to countries with cyber-information risk on request
· Malware filters: blocks all compromised servers and Malware sources at source

User Management

A dedicated panel allows you to define user policies relating to different services: total blocking of navigation, assignment to a specific content filter profile, enabling use of VPN. In addition to managing local users, NethSecurity can integrate with an Active Directory, inheriting users and groups, for defining network usage profiles.

MultiWAN Management

NethSecurity supports multiple internet connections (up to 15 different connectivity) that can be managed based on the needs of the administrator: Load Balancing to add the bandwidth of connections, Fault Tolerance to move traffic on backup connections in case of failure of the main one.

Network Management

NethSecurity manages different types of zones designed for specific tasks (LAN, DMZ, HotSpot, VoIP, VPN, WAN ..) each zone can be associated with multiple physical or virtual interfaces without any limitation.

Cloud Backup

NethSecurity automatically sends the backup of your configuration to the Cloud Nethesis, allowing you to always keep it updated and immediately available.

High Availability

NethSecurity, thanks to the HA module which can be activated on the S150 appliances, can work in high reliability Active / Passive, thus eliminating the service interruption in case of failure.

Business suit

NethSecurity is a complete and reliable system for the management of corporate security, network protection, control of access to unwanted sites and the creation of protected connections via the Internet (VPN) with mobile users or remote offices. Placed on the only Internet access point, it filters all types of virus attacks, intrusion attempts by hackers or unauthorized users at the entrance.

Some basic services:
· Multiwan: Balance Failover
· QoS, Traffic Priority
· Network Management: vlan, bonding, bridge, alias …
· Multizone: Internal, Wan, DMZ, Guests, VoIP …
· Backup in Cloud
· Local Users and AD
· NAT / Routing
· Fault Tolerance Storage

In-Depth Analysis

NethSecurity is equipped with a rich report that allows you to have a wide overview of the system status and network traffic.
· Centralized Monitoring
· Proactive Events / States Analysis
· Traffic Geolocation
· Navigation and Application Traffic Reports

Update And Monitoring

A security system that is not updated and not monitored, becomes ineffective after a short time; for this reason Nethesis solutions are characterized by two fundamental elements:
· Automatic update of all critical modules (virus definition, antispam rules, hacker intrusion table …).
· Remote monitoring via the Nethesis service center: verifies the correct functioning of the system and warns the administrator in case of anomalies (updates not carried out, infected PCs, connectivity problems …).

wi fi

Hotspots for every need
Immediate network access and Marketing Oriented


· Separate the corporate network from the Guest network
· Use any wifi coverage
· Captive Portal on the cloud can be used on NethSecurity firewalls and on low-cost devices (OpenWrt)


Goodbye Complex web interfaces. Just click and manage your guests
· SelfService authentication and registration: Facebook®, Instagram®, Linkedin®, Email, SMS
· Good to access different profiles by service level
· Automatic authentication on second access
· Multilingual interface

Marketing Analytics

Observe your guests to understand what they want.
· Analytics on behaviors and guest profiles
· Export (CSV) contacts for Marketing activities
· Integration with external services send mail

Protected Navigation

Access the internet in total security, manage users and improve the user experience of your guests.
· Dashboard: Summary information on all hotspots
· Simple and intuitive multilingual interface
· Profile Management (administrator, retailer, customer, reception)
· Graphic customization
· Realtime reports and graphics
· Voucher to access differentiated profiles by service level
· Traffic priority management and bandwidth limitation per user / profile
· Content Filtering on unwanted content

Reach your office wherever you are

The Office Always With You

Webmail and groupware to carry your messages, calendars and contacts always with you.

Simplify Network Management

Always keep control of your infrastructure by centralizing users and services.

Enterprise Messaging

Team Chat organizes and makes corporate communication accessible. Less confusion and more productivity.

Your Data Is Always Safe

Losing data will no longer be a concern. Reliable and advanced backup with HotSync and Disaster Recovery.

Your Documents Everywhere, Safely

Take your documents wherever you go. Control and security with the corporate personal cloud.