The perfect software for your funeral home

EnviGest is the administrative, fiscal solution, production for funeral parlor. The EnviGest management software for mortuary is a flexible product and works on both single PC on Lan with dozens of jobs, provides a simple interface to help people focus on their work, enables direct and easy access to all information and exports smoothly all the data to the Microsoft Office applications.
It provides security features for selective access to the various features of the application, it’s updated with a few clicks from the Internet and integrates functions for remote assistance.

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Some of the features

Dead Registry

Inserting records of a deceased in a few clicks.

Pricing Scheme (FUNERAL HOME)

Ability to upload the schematics for the formation of prices to be used in the calculation prices program in the registry items.

Business costs

Ability to load the costs to be split in statistics such as costs to be charged to trade, public safety and typography.

Management Suppliers funeral parlor (Bodies, Employees, Personnel-related practices)

Loader Suppliers (Entities / Staff / Staff) for services related to the practices lenders.

Meeting Places

Ability to upload the codes of the venues for the Staff and the Vehicles used to funeral management and / or services.

Advances (funeral homes)

It allows you to charge items related to prepayment of funeral parlor linked to practices.

Services (funeral parlor)

Handling and loading of funeral homes Services related practices.

Staff availability

It allows management and printing of the daily work availability of staff.

Management Transport Vehicles

Ability to upload the vehicles codes used at the funeral Management and / or services.

Vehicles lists

Ability to load and print lists of vehicles for the funeral transportation services.

Newspaper Heads Management (Load individual lists for head)

Ability to upload for each Newspaper Head the obituary announcement lists or membership.

Obituaries lists

Executes the Obituary price calculation of Newspaper Heads and print the list.

Obituaries management (Loading, Printing and management of the anniversary)

Possibility of loading text and printing of necrology, an anniversary warning or adhesion of mourning, to be published on a maximum of six titles of newspapers. It can link one or more obituaries to practice and get a single invoice and manage the recurrences (anniversaries).

Funeral homes practices (service, billing, Advances, Performance etc.)

Ability to load the various practices for services provided to customers such as: Service, Billing, Advances, Performance, Services, Creditors, Debtors, Obituaries, Payments, Invoices, Notes Events, quote, Inventory, Manifesto.

Posters printing

Management and printing of posters with pre-established graphic.

Practices prints

Regarding practices, it allows the following prints: Account statement suppliers, Performance List, Situation Estimates List unpaid creditor / debtors, abstract occasional personal accounts, services statistics, Print Previews, practical list to download on stock, Statistics Sale, Document Summary.

Letters Print

It automatically produces the printing of letters as present in every single practice. You can select any other at your own letters with or without printing of the company logo.

Personal commitment

After appropriate automated calculations, EnviGest prepare a lineup of daily commitment of staff and the resources necessary for the performance of customer services.

Suppliers Remuneration

After the extraction step, it offers all the rows present in the Debtors and Creditors still open practices of the supplier in question that may be subject to payment or collection.

IPF billing (Invoices Generation)

It provides the generation of invoices relating to the practices and Obituaries with automatic management of the joint holders.

Electronic Invoice PA

The program allows you to generate electronic invoices in XML format to be sent to the Interchange System.

Newspaper Affairs Print

It envisages the publication “up to date”, provisionally or permanently, of the affairs newspaper in relation to each active license and the necessary reports for uploading branded.

Prints for field studies

Ability to make prints for field studies.

C / A Movements

It allows you to record incoming or outgoing movements that make up the current account of the individual operator.

Communication Funeral Expenses

The program provides for the generation of the file to be transmitted to the Inland Revenue for communication by issuers of bills relating to funeral expenses.
13/01/2016 measure: anagrafe communications tax data relating to funeral expenses in accordance with Article 2 of Decree of the Minister of Economy and Finance on 13 January 2016.


Permette di effettuare tutte le registrazioni relative alla contabilità con la seguente suddivisione: movimenti cliente, movimenti fornitori, fatture clienti, fatture fornitori, generale, corrispettivi, centri di costo.