What is a voIP PBX?

A VoIP system uses a computer named SIP server (or VoIP PBX) to manage the communications between the “clients” (telephone/smartphone).
This system job is exactly to connect a “caller” telephone/smartphone SIP to a “receiving” telephone/smartphone SIP.
If all the setted rules are respected (e.g. if the caller can make that type of connection to that receiver, the receiver is active in that moment, it’s not already occupied in another conversation and it has not requested to not be disturbed) the connection between the two phone will be established (meaning the receiver will rings) and the real communication will happen.
For several year now most of the major service provider used the VoIP technology to route the communication on its own telephone exchange, even if we use an old disk phone (or any analog phone), upstream our telephone cable our service provider will most likely transmit the call by VoIP.

Envi offer the V110 System


VoIP PBX V110 are the best choice to create a new company communication platform or expand with new Unified Communication functionalities an already existing system.
The V110 system job is to manage phone traffic through networking services, protecting it with the easy firewall functionalities but expanding it by fax functionalities and third party client system like Skype.
The connection towards the company network is assured by the support to media gateway in an unlimited number.
The various choices between media gateway are of PRI, ISDN and PSTN type, even combinable between them.
The system Automatic Provisioning allows an immediate configuration of the terminals without moving or diversification of configuration.
It also permit the non automated configuration of his external components. The simplicity of this approach guarantee the best economical managing and reliability. A V110 system adapts to all type of companies, without intern and functionalities limitations.
The high scalability grants the system to grow alongside the company thanks to features like mobile interns, VPNs, the support to every VoIP provider and the integration of new functionalities developed following the clients suggestion, being made available on all V110 systems through an auto-update system which only requires a simple click to be activated from the owner of an iPBX V110.

Traditional phony

Through a wide range of media gateways V110 iPBX links to traditional ISDN voice or analog phone in a quick and simple way, having the possibility to be expanded later at extremely low cost. Media gateway are available for all traditional voice technology, ISDN, PsTN, PRI, GSM, UMTS.

Situation under control

The CTI interface allow, without moving away from your own desk, to know which intern are avaiable or not.
A simple interface permits to parametrize a whole range of information through any software, being able to automatically call the desired number from management software and enterprise portal. Or by sending common text file to make such a list of phone calls to be distributed to a corporate function (eg: distribute a list of calls to do to all company commercial).
The sending of numerous fax messages can be done from any software able to send and/or create pdf file, being able to create a fast and automated invoice fax sending or a customer client contact.

Mobility and VoIP phony

V110 iPBX allow to connect to all VoIP provider that support SIP technology without supported line limits or provider number, permitting to have maximum flexibility both in choice and business operations.
A special emphasys  is on the possibility to use the most common SIP software for smartphonem table and pc, allowing to being reached from and to the headquarter at no cost, with the safety through an intrusion prevention system combinable with the integrated firewall and the four equipped VPNs without user limit.
The MOBILITY functions allow to use the telephone as if you were in the office anywhere you are.
Through a GSM/UMTS gateway it’s possible to optimize and reduce costs for company calls inside the GSM/UMTS company network.

Key points

– Fully developed and supported 100% in Italy.

– Fax managed through email and web client or desktop.

– Firewall functionality.

– IDP (Intrusion Prevention System) functionality.

– VPN functionality: GRE, IpSec, OpenVPN.

– Quality of Service (Qos).

– Free app for Smart Phone.

– Video call functionality (only for supported models).

– Integrated Cloud provisioning powerful platform.

Some interface screens

Much more than a simple VoIP PBX

Call transfer-blind or announcement

Internal switchboard numeration can transfer calls to other linked internal numeration.

Voice mail on email

It allows to listen everywhere messages incoming in the voicemail getting them on a mailbox.

IVR automatic answerer

Automatic answerer service offers to the caller the possibility to choose through telephone keypad (e.g. “to talk with the secretary push key 1”, “To talk to technical support push key 2” and so on).

Fax integrated server

Complete flux manager with forwarding to your mailbox. Advanced reports.

Calls registration

Manual or automatic all registration feature.

Queue management

Functionality that defines the path of the queues of incoming calls.

Incoming lines

The number of incoming lines configurable on V110 switchboard depend solely on the type of contract signed.

Outgoing lines

The number of outgoing lines from a VoIP switchboard, number virtually unlimited which depends only on the available upload bandwidth guaranteed from your own internet service provider.

Away mode

Feature that readdress incoming calls when it’s not possible to answer the phone. For each intern you can decide between transferring the call to another telephone (internal or external) or let the voicemail start.

Management of the occupied mode.

It serves to decide what to do if you get a phone call while an intern is already occupied.

Intern management

The switchboard control panel allow in a quick way, to activate or disable internal numeration, manage single users responsible of each numeration and pair to as many devices (telephone/smartphone) the user desire.

Remote intern

Freely communicate with remote intern from a different branch.

Remote branch

Freely communicate between different branches of the same company.

Follow me.

Allows to receive calls on enabled devices (smartphone) even if you’re not physically in the headquarters through 3G and/or Wifi networks.

Enabling call

Allows to enable/disable calls from internal switchboard numeration to specific number or groups, e.g. mobile phones or premium rate numbers.

Day/night mode

Enable or disable phones in prearranged hours or specific days, by starting a pre-registered message in the closing hours.

Video call and conference

Possibility to receive video calls on supported devices and make audio conferences.

Reception group

Define groups of internal numeration to ring together or at turn when a call is incoming.

Traffic history

Report with all the incoming and outgoing telephone data.

Advanced traffic statistics

Statistics on the telephone data aggregated on predefined parameters.


All the control panel interface is in web format, in other words a website.

Shared telephone book

Shared telephone contacts based on a centralized telephone book in the switchboard.

Click to call.

Call a a number from your own phone book with a simple click and call.

Wake up call

Program an automatic wake up phone.

Software integration

Easy integration and setup with software like Outlook, management software EnviGest and/or management software Erp.

Software protection

Behind an integrated Firewall and an automatic anti intrusion system the switchboard is safe and inviolable.