IT secutiry

Data must be protected from all dangers, internal and external.
It’s necessary to make periodic backup copies, to have anti-virus software and use precautions to avoid undesired access from both internal personnel and attack from the internet.
Information privacy is a fundamental aspect to respect today’s privacy laws (for more info and the preservation of the company’s know-how.
We can help you from basics tricks like setting up a password for every pc to the configuration of more complex firewall.

We offer consultation for IT security at your headquarters for an analysis of the current situation and offer some expedient to level up your security.

Tailor-made solution

To satisfy every specific need in matter of security we offer many different solutions. Our proposal range from the basic firewall to couples of high capacity firewall.
All our firewall support a large number of VPN (Virtual Private Network) functionalities, including the client, site-to-site and SSL ones.


Our firewall's advantages

– Improved practicality: service monitoring.

– Always updated protection: auto-updates protects you from the most recent threats.

– Optimized performances: constant improvement of firewall performance and protection.

– Remote access: by integrating VPN service you will be able to remote access in total security.

FIREWALL - S Series Systems

If you desire to have your informations and applications safe from the always evolving threats, firewall are a key element in every security infrastructure. Our firewall will relieve you from this onerous job.

Advanced firewall

Easy to manage firewall, customizable in every detail. Manage rules with time and geographic validity.

Bandwidth manager (QOS)

Assign the available bandwidth to the task that needs it most.

Perimetral antivirus

Check the HTTP, POP3, SMTP connections to identify and block undesired software.

Trasparent antispam

Mark SPAM emails making them easily recognizable by the user.

Broswing filtering

Full control on the user’s broswing.

IDS, IPS, Bandwidth monitoring

Thanks to the integrated technologies it boosts the LAN security.


Some security features from our products:

– Regulated broswing: complete control over whole company web surfing.

– Manage content block: based on fifteen combined categories, allows the access only to work-relevant website (e.g. blocks pornography, drugs, gambling ecc.).

– Gestione Whitelist e Blacklist: allows to define permitted websites, which will be visualized, or negate others (eg block social network, games, etc.).

– Complete Log: keep a record of which website has been visited, what and when something has been downloaded.

– BlackHole DNS: stops DNS request towards specified domains to prevent connection excluding every protocol or app. This feature is often used to block facebook, twitter, etc.

– Navigation groups: they allow to manage different filtering politics based on the group membership.

– Authentication: in transparent mode it doesn’t need any client configuration, filtering in on the IP address. Whereas with active authentication user and password will be asked, credentials can be created directly on the server or inherited from an existing Active Directory domain. Web surfing settings can be automatically release via DHCP.

– Hourly rules: they allow to set hourly browsing rules.

– Privacy: it’s important to remember that the system is respectful of privacy, not allowing unique identification of a specific computer and/or user if not explicitly setted, avoiding to violate worker’s statute on work supervision topic ( consult a lawyer and/or trade union in such case). Anyway it permit protection from inappropriate use of the company’s network towards the internet.

Reach your office wherever you are

– VPN Server: it supports different types of VPN, to satisfy every necessity.

– PPTP(GRE) e L2TP: a quick and simple setup allows connection from any modern operating system, tablet and smartphone included.

– IPSec: it permit interaction with other manufacturer systems that use this kind of VPN.

– OpenVPN: it allows a link to the company’s network, with a safe and encrypted network, to work as if you physically be in the headquarters. Ideal for remote workers or offices.

– VPN Lan to Lan immediate: it establish a tunnel between two Gigasys systems in a few and simple steps.

– Compatible with most common OS: VPN connection to the system can be done from the majority of the modern operative system.

wi fi

Hotspot for every needs

– Hotspot: thanks to the versatility of the Hotsport feature and the safety from the Radius integrated protocol, the S series meet all the needs to supervision a public open network. Recommended to those entities as hotels, restaurants, campsites, etc.

– Self register: automatic registration, also through sms (need external sms carrier to work), for the users, useful if you want to provide free navigation service.

– Usage limits: can be created customized invoicing plan by user with usage cap.

– Complete Log: a complete log with all user’s operations.

Mailbox limitations? Forget them!

– Mail Server: no limitation both on the number of users and mailbox space.

– POP3 Connector: automatically download mail from external mailboxes. This allows to avoid limitations on the remote server, for example the space limits on each mailbox, making the exchange with the client much faster because it happens on LAN.

– Webmail: integrated webmail accessible from any broswer, it allows the managing of custom rules server side as auto-responding.

– IMAP,IMAPs POP3,POP3s, SMTP,SMTPs: messages can be read with the standard protocols from any client that supports them.

– Shared Contacts and Calendar: can be natively consulted from all the clients with support for CalDAV and CardDav and from integrated webamail.

– Powerful Antispam: mail are analysed with powerful Antispam and Antivirus filters.

Always Connected

– Multiple xDSL manager: the system can manage two or more xDSL; the number of lines is limited only from the number of ethernet interfaces on the machine.

– Load balance: traffic is sorted automatically on all active xDSL, based on the defined priority enhancing perceived web browsing speed.

– Failover: in case of a xDSL malfunction all the connection are forwarded towards others active xDSL until everything goes back to normal.

– ADSL Routing: it’s possible to forward a specific port or IP on a single xDSL.

More integrated features

Server DHCP, server DNS, server FTP, Fax to Mail and Mail to Fax service, Web server, Cloud Drive.

– The Firewall is fully customizable and its available also in redundant version with load balacing for top reliability and performance.

– Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X or Linux compatible.

– Web managing: easy to use with all modern broswers.

– Assistance and Support: the annual Gigasys CarePack allows to get all the necessary support and assistance. We offer also extended hardware warranty purchasable alongside the product.

– Auto updates: with the annual Gigasys CarePack you automatically get all the most recent software and feature updates.